Technologies & Digitalisation

Molding of Raw Materials

The transformation of raw materials and their processing is carried out entirely within our production facility.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machinery such as 100% electric presses powered by photovoltaics and the application of innovative technologies like injection overmolding, plastic molding at Milla SRL allows for the rapid production of large quantities of semi-finished products, ensuring high precision and part repeatability.

Automatic and Manual Assembly

The assembly operations of masks and filters are performed both manually and automatically.

In particular, for the assembly of activated carbon filters, we use robotic stations capable of autonomously assembling all components, speeding up assembly operations and ensuring greater quality and precision in the production processes. 

In addition to industrial automation and robotics, we continue to value people and their work, by implementing control and monitoring measures.

Product Packaging

The final stages of the production process, which involve packaging our products include labeling and the addition of lot numbers, production dates, and expiration dates.

This information ensures the traceability of Milla SRL masks and filters, enhancing their transparency and reliability, as well as enabling efficient and optimized logistics management.


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