Sustainability & Protection

We protect the environment, we safeguard lifes, we produce value.

In a world where awareness of environmental, social, and economic risks involves everyone, we feel the duty to protect people and the environment through responsible and sustainable behaviors and actions. 

With our choices, we contribute to combating climate change and environmental impact, promote social well-being inside and outside the company, and produce products ethically designed to enhance the lives of all workers.

Photovoltaic system

We respect the environment by using renewable solar energy. 
We have installed a a photovoltaic system that enhances the energy efficiency of our company and generates clean energy.

100% Full Electric Machinery

Our machinery for thermoplastic injection molding operates through electric movements which, unlike traditional hydraulic machines, help reduce energy consumption and provide greater production efficiency.

Ecofriendly products

Our products are made with recycled raw materials and eco-friendly packaging.
Any production waste is ground, regranulated, and reintegrated into the process with the goal of being recovered and reused in production.

Sustainable transport

We optimize truck routes and delivery schedules, reducing fuel consumption by choosing local suppliers and focusing on products with minimal impact in terms of weight and volume.

Air Extraction System

We take care of our employees and, first and foremost, promote workplace safety.
Thanks to the installation of a fume and dust extraction system, we filter out the pollutants generated by production, ensuring the air in the workplace is healthy.


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