A story dedicated to safety at work and the health of people

1991- The first 10 years of Milla SRL

Milla SRL was founded in Regalbuto, a town in the province of Enna, Sicily, in 1991.
Despite its strong local roots, the company quickly excelled in the fields of latex glove production and the sales of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
During those years, the company started to explore a more specific market, that of respiratory protection, which gradually gained prominence, ultimately reshaping the company's core business at the beginning of the new millennium.

2000 - The change of direction

The year 2000 marks a turning point.
The latex glove production plant is shut down, and a new era begins, entirely dedicated to the production of respiratory protective equipment (RPE).
Initial investments enable the creation of a manufacturing industry specialized in the production of masks and filters for respiratory protection. This industry establishes itself in the Italian market with a comprehensive product line designed for various sectors of work.

2010 - The new facility

The growth in production led to the need for larger spaces to expand and optimize the product line.
So, in 2010, the project to reconstruct the entire production department and administrative offices of the company began with the goal of innovating the company in terms of sustainability and technology.
With the new headquarters, Milla embarked on a path oriented toward business development, where quality and innovation formed the foundation of a business model that was launched with access to international markets.

2020 - The years of revolution

The international character of Milla SRL has triggered a series of improvements affecting the company's production processes and sustainable choices.
In 2020, the logistics warehouse expanded, reaching a capacity of 1000 indoor pallet spaces, and the production department improved with the installation of a fume and dust extraction system, ensuring a completely healthy working environment and control of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.
In 2021, Milla SRL invested in photovoltaics, installing a system capable of achieving 90% energy independence, and obtained ISO 9001 certification.
In 2022, it initiated the industrial 4.0 transition plan to usher in the era of the Smart Factory.


Azienda di produzione Milla SRL, dispositivi di protezione individuale delle vie respiratorie, industria manifatturiera in Sicilia

As 360° manufacturers with over 30 years of experience, our goal is to protect people and ensure their safety and health in the workplace.


sostenibilità aziendale, tutela dell'ambiente, azienda sostenibile

We protect the environment and people through responsible and sustainable behaviors and actions. We believe that our choices can contribute to saving the planet.


tecnologie innovative, processi produttivi, innovazione tecnologica, automazione dei processi

We promote technological innovation and the efficiency of production and logistics processes. Our investments in the digitalization of production enable us to offer advanced, certified, and continually innovative products.


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